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    V-shaped clip messy hair comb

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    Product category: Hair comb
    material: plastic
    Color: rose pink, blue
    Size: 10-15CM

    Product name: V-shaped comb for hairdressing tools, straight hair comb, straightened hair comb
    Specifications: comb length 24cm
    Color / Material: Peach Blossom + Black / Plastic, OPP Bag
    1: Use this clip to comb the hair on the top of the fluffy head. The usage is shown in the figure.
    2: Use the hot air of the hair dryer to blow the clipped hair. You can swing the clip comb back and forth to achieve the desired effect.
    3: You can use a clip comb to straighten the messy hair. Clip the part you want to clip. Use the hot air of a hair dryer to blow it down while clamping the hair. Repeat several times for better results.
    4: If the disobedient hair is curled out. Use a comb to clamp the curled out hair. Roll it in to solve your troubles.
    5: At the same time you want to make a unique shape. Turn your hair out. It can also be done.
    6: It can also be used to trim the disobedient hair on both sides of the face. Make it naturally more conformable. The compact appearance is simple and convenient to use.

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