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    Toilet Safety LED Night light

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    Human body induction toilet night light (suitable for any toilet) Style: Modern light source: LED material: ABS plastic voltage: 4.5 volts power: 1-watt battery: 3 AAA batteries are required. (Product does not bring its own battery) Special features: Motion sensor power: battery-powered motion-sensing \ light-sensitive suitable for any toilet! Hygienic design: easy to clean set to color rotation (8 colors 120 seconds each color random 15 seconds can also fix a color)


    One cycle of the light is 120 seconds. If the person walks but the light has already started to sense, it will wait until 120 seconds before the induction distance is 3 meters.

    This kind of toilet light is different, and the appropriate soft lustre will be emitted at night. The toilet light is equipped with a sensor that automatically turns the switch on when you turn it off and automatically turns it off when you are away.

    When you sleep in the middle of the night, you will not be looking for a toilet. The toilet lamps are a combination of night vision light positioning systems.

    Even better toilet lamps can use different colors of light (8) to indicate the position. So ah ~ the role of the toilet is to help you go to the bathroom at night no longer trouble, and safer, not afraid to fall or hit the toilet, and most importantly, there is no need to worry about the toilet lights in the middle of the night, the toilet lights will stimulate your partner can not Fall asleep!