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    Multifunctional Portable Air Inflatable Pillow for Lower Back Pain, Orthopedic Lumbar Support Cushion

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    • Head pillow: It can be used as our head pillow when sleeping. It feels comfortable and the height is adjustable.
    •      Waist pillow: We can put it under our waist when sleeping to reduce the pressure of the vertebra, and prop up the lumbar disc, so as to relieve our waist pain due to long time sitting for work.
    •       Knee pillow: It can be placed under the knee. Or we can put our knees on it when sleeping sideways.(for side sleepers)
    •      Seat cushion: It can be used for office seats and car seats to relieve the fatigue of our waist.
    •      Travel pillow: It is easy- to- carry feature that makes it the best partner for our journey.


    •    Size:20*50cm
    •   Airbag: TPU
    •   Pillowcase: Flannel
    •   Inflating ball and Inflating tube: Medical grade silica gel

    Note: Since this product is inflatable, the air pressure outside is less than the air pressure inside of the built-in airbag. It will slowly deflate with pressure like a balloon, and it is impossible to keep full filled in a long time. Therefore, if the airbag is not full after a few hours' compression during use, it's normal and it just needs to be inflated again.

    Please understand that this is a physical problem, not a quality issue of the product.