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    New Designed With Comfort Handle Massage Gun Fascia Gun Slimming Body Muscle Relaxation for Neck Back Foot Leg Shoulder Massager Massage Gun Percussion

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    1. Professional massage gun, this massage gun is specially designed for deep muscle treatment, recovery and pain relief. It can help users increase blood flow, quickly relieve muscle pain, relieve fascia and knots, and let your whole body relax. Great for personal use and one of the best massage guns for athletes.

    2. Deep tissue massage gun to restore sore tissue and muscle soreness. Equipped with a powerful motor that provides powerful high penetration, this massager is designed to deliver relaxing and soothing waves throughout your body.

    3. Quiet but powerful massager, super quiet when working, powerful motor and quiet sliding technology allow you to get low noise and strong massage. Motor power from 1800 to 3200 rpm caters to different muscle groups and provides excellent deep tissue massage.

    4. Hand-held percussion massage gun, ergonomic multifunctional handle and elbow arm, easy to use, provide comfortable grip and control with different angles and strengths for the target area.


    Material: ABS

    Interface: TYPE-C interface

    Gear: 12/32 gear

    Rated frequency: 50hz

    Battery life: 4-8 hours

    Motor speed: 1800-3200 rpm

    Rated voltage: 7.4V-8.4V

    Rated power: 30w

    Battery life: 1.5-3 hours

    8 massage heads, suitable for different parts of the body to meet different needs.

    Package Included

    Massage Gun x1(There are 12 gears and 32 gears, please choose according to your own needs)


    1. Do not press the massage gun on your or anyone's joints directly.

    2. Do not use it in the same position for more than 3 minutes to avoid muscle damage.

    3. There is a 15-minute automatic stop function to remind you to massage moderately.

    4. Do not use the massage gun near organs and aorta, such as the neck, chest, abdomen, and armpits.

    5. Do not touch or press the massage head during operation.

    6. Do not impact the joints. The fascia gun is generally only suitable for muscle and soft tissues. If you directly impact the joints, it is almost the same as directly knocking the joints on the stone, which will easily cause joint damage;

    7. Not all parts are suitable; the neck, chest and abdomen, armpits, and other parts with thin muscle thickness, and close to the organs and aorta, is not recommended to use the fascia gun;

    8. It is not that the longer the time, the more painful it is, the more effective it is; the soreness should be maintained at 6 to 8 minutes when using the body, and the use time of the same position should be within 1 minute.

    9Infants, minors, pregnant women, and those who wear pacemakers, have broken bones, or have metal contents in their bodies, do not use it.