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    LED Table Lamp With Bluetooth Speaker Touch Music Desk Light Creative Home Decoration Lighting USB Bedside Lamp Birthday Gift

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    1. Touch the sensor quickly to turn the light on or off.
    2. The finger touches the sensor button for three seconds, and the brightness of the light can be arbitrarily adjusted.
    3. hidden white LED energy-saving lamps, no stroboscopic, no eye injury, maintenance-free, energy-saving, environmental protection, longevity.
    4. B machine is equipped with a high-capacity long-life rechargeable battery, safe, energy-saving and convenient.
    5. can also be equipped with 3 AAA batteries for backup.
    6. Fully enclosed lampshade and lamp body design, dustproof and easy to clean.
    7. mini-audio, so that the entire elegant environment adds a musical atmosphere. You can plug in external audio sources such as MP 3 and MP4 to release your favorite music.
    8. When the music is playing, there is a bright LED blue light below the lampshade that flashes with the music rhythm.

    1. Durable ABS plastic and stainless steel metal hook.
    2. Touch energy-saving LED light, suitable for bedroom design night light.
    3. Stereo and unique shape design. Stylish and novel, highlighting high-quality audio.
    4. Plug and play, no driver required. Suitable for all music players or wireless Bluetooth devices.
    5. Wireless Bluetooth playback function


    Product height 25cm, base width 9cm
    Packing size: 14 * 10.8 * 26cm
    Single weight: 0.368KG

    Package Content:

    1*Night light