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    LED Dancing Water Speakers

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    Elegant LED Light Dancing Water Music Fountain Light Speakers for PC Laptop Phone Portable Desk Stereo water dancing Speaker

    After connecting the audio device, the speaker will emit a colourful water column with the rhythm of the music, the color LED lights, against the background, it is particularly shocking.
    Dual-channel 3D audio technology, all-rubber side speakers, low-frequency enhancement technology, showing extraordinary sound quality.
    Speaker rectangular box design, USB power supply, 3.5 standard audio input interface.
    The appearance of the stylish atmosphere regardless of high school bass is prominent, whether it is equipped with a laptop or desktop, is a bright spot around the computer, as the influx of people you can not miss!

    Interface type: USB
    Applicable object: computer
    Speaker effect: subwoofer
    Dimensions: 5.1cm*6.3cm*22cm;
    Speaker box material: engineering plastic

    Package Content:
    1 main and auxiliary speakers, 1 power cord, 1 conductive wire, 1 audio cable

    Fully compatible with 3.5mm interface
    Small size, does not occupy a lot of space
    Two-channel 3D audio technology, full rubber edge speaker