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    Folding fitness wheel multi-functional abdominal muscle wheel exercises abdominal fitness equipment household wheel abdominal collection giant wheel

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    1. Easy to use: The abdomen wheel is easy to assemble. It is characterized by upgraded new ergonomic TPR rubber and has a sweat-absorbing handle, which is comfortable and durable. The built-in thick steel provides an excellent load-bearing capacity of approximately 440 pounds.

    2. Wide wheel: The wheel is about 7 inches wide! The ultra-wide wheels support enhanced balance and stability, which will make your workout smooth.

    3. Practical: This wheel has the function of easy rollback, which can prevent muscles from being pulled. It is the best fitness wheel, suitable for beginners, men, women, and children.

    4. Excellent quality: The wheel is a non-slip TPE wheel, which is strong and silent, and will not damage the wooden floor surface and carpet. It is very suitable for home gym exercise, is a male and female fitness equipment, suitable for boxing and MMA fitness training.

    5. Good use effect: The grinding wheel is a non-slip roller, comfortable grip, quiet design, stable force, convenient disassembly, safe bearing! And the roller is suitable for home fitness exercise to maintain health!

    6. Complimentary soft kneeling pad, convenient for fitness, without hurting the knee.



    Name: Belly Wheel

    Material: ABS + steel

    Product Colors: Red, Yellow, Black, Blue, White

    Product Size: 30 * 16cm / 11.81 * 6.30in

    Kneeling Pad Size: 34 * 17.5cm / 13.4 * 6.9in

    Package Weight: 700g

    Application: Fat burning and muscle building