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    Chair Cushion Memory Foam Waist Cushion Support Lumbar Back Cushion Protect Spine Seat

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    Long-term driving causes lumbar problems
    Do you have such discomfort?
    Tired from driving for a long time
    Office/study for long periods of time
    Home care, back pain, inconvenience
    This car cushion has a higher waist and back size
    Support the waist for a long and comfortable journey
    The hollow shape fits comfortably
    Design a hollow according to the human body curve to release the pressure on the spine
    Curved design fits waist and back
    Designed according to the curvature of the spine, it fits the curve of the human body comfortably

    Product information:

    Material: Polyurethane
    Filling: memory foam
    Style: modern and simple
    Pattern: Grid

    Colour :
    A: 4d grid blue
    B: 4d grid-dark gray
    C: 4d grid-orange
    D: 4d grid-white
    E: Crystal velvet-light gray
    F: Crystal velvet-pink
    G: Crystal velvet-yellow
    H: 4d grid-blue + small pillow
    I: 4d grid-dark gray + small pillow
    J: 4d grid-orange + small pillow
    K: 4d grid-white + small pillow
    L: Crystal Velvet-Light Gray + Small Pillow
    M: Crystal Velvet-Pink + Small Pillow
    N: Crystal Velvet-Yellow + Small Pillow

    Packing list :

    Car pillow*1