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    Car type soft hair car wash cleaning gloves car motorcycle car wash car care cleaning tools

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    sponge, fabric, and brush

    Item Type: Sponges, fabrics, and brushes
    Width of the article: 15cm
    Length of the article: 24cm
    Special Features: Other
    Diameter of the article: 0inch

    Type of material: Artificial Wool
    Height of the article: 0inch

      • 1. This product is made of high-grade imitation wool and hand-finished.

        2, the surface is fine and delicate, decontamination is strong, does not hurt the car paint, it can remove the dust, stains, oil, and so on of the car body.
        3, the glove mouth is equipped with an elastic sleeve, it is not easy to be dragged when wiping, more practical and more convenient, it is the best product for your car "DIY" operation.
        4, after use, just tap gently, dust, dust all fall.
        5, can be washed, naturally dry after cleaning, to avoid inconvenience in the next use. This product supports custom (style, size, color, plush length, elastic band quality is good or bad)


    • Quantity: 1

    • Color: Brown

    • Big hand little hand are suitable for use in

    • Plush delicate, high density, clean strong intensity

    • without leaving scratches, can be used to wipe clean most surfaces of glass, metal, PVC plastics, leather, etc.

    • Size: 23*16cm

    • 100% brand new and high quality.

    • Material: Plush

    • Not easy to shed, home cleaning, cleaning car essential gadget, wipe the glass, plastic, cabinets, sofas can

    Package Include:

    • 1PC Car cleaning gloves
    • Color: Random Color