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    USB Bike Light

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    Powerful Bike Light with 5200mAh, Bicycle Light 3*L2/T6 USB Rechargeable Bike Lamp IPX5 Waterproof LED Headlight as Power Bank MTB Bike Accessories


    If you receive the product and it does not work, please note that the product cannot be disassembled, otherwise it will cause a short circuit because the line is blocked. Please follow the following operations to test:

    You need to use the original data cable to charge for 6-8 hours. After charging for half an hour, check whether the switch indicator is bright red or green. As the light is relatively dark, it is recommended to check in a darker place;

    If it still doesn't work, you need to try a charger that can work normally, it must be a 5V charger;

    When the battery is used up, it should not be left for a long time before charging. This will cause the product to crash and cannot be charged. After the above check, it still can’t work, please contact our customer service, we will reply to your questions within 24 hours.

    Bike light generates heat during use is a normal phenomenon. If the temperature is too high, please stop using the bike light till it cools down.

    If the bike light is not used for a long time, please charge it every three months.

    Do not irradiate to the eyes. Keep away from flammable and explosive objects.

    The waterproof rate is IPX5. Do not soak the bike light into the water.

    Properly place the bike light. Out of children’s reach to avoid accidents


    built-in battery, small and exquisite, use as bike light and flashlight, made from aluminum alloy, good heat dissipation, built-in overcharge and over-discharge IC, USB charging, 360-degree rotation bracket, Power capacity and charging indication, 3 switch mode

    Product Parameters

    Model number: NX2/3 Bike Light

    Irradiation distance: above 500 meters

    LED: 2/3 T6

    Bracket: 360-degree rotation bracket

    Charge and discharge protection: built-in overcharge and over-discharge IC. Extending battery life

    Size: 120mm (Length), 40mm(width), 25mm(height)

    3 switch Mode: High / Middle / Strobe

    Working voltage: 3.7V

    Product color: Black

    Light color: White

    LED color temperature: 7500K

    Product Material: aluminum alloy

    continuous working time:3 hours on high mode

    Power supply: built-in one 18650 battery

    Surface craft: Abrasion-resistant anodizing

    Switch type: Button Switch on lamp head

    only 3 LEDs can be used as a power bank

    Packet List

    Please refer to the packet list of the drawing, if you choose the option with a taillight, we will send it together

    Double 2T6 or 3T6 lamp beads

    Battery capacity

    3 LED L2 10 hours: battery is 5200 mAh, can work in high light mode for 10 hours

    3 LED T6 5 hours: 2600 mAh battery, highlight mode 5 hours

    2 LED L2 6 hours: 3800 mAh battery can work in high light mode for 6 hours (lighter than T6)

    2 LED T6 3 hours: 1200 mAh battery, 3 hours in high light mode

    3 Modes

    Click the button on the bike light can switch the mode. Four clicks are High / Middle / Strobe / OFF in sequence.

    360 degree rotation holder


    Waterproof rate: IPX5 (small rain, Splash water)

    Follow the steps

    1200mAh Waterproof Taillight

    Charging input: 5V/1A (Do not use 9V charger, it may damage the device) Working voltage: 3.7V/1A Luminous

    color: red light

    Modes: Strong-Marquee 1-Flash-Marquee 2-Breathing (long press for 2 seconds to shut down)

    Product specifications: 94mm* 27mm* 25mm,

    Waterproof rating: IPX5 (anti-rain, splash-proof)

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